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May 29 2018

PI Insurance Tips and Traps for IFA’s

Securing competitive price and coverage on your Professional Indemnity (‘PI’) Insurance is easier than many are led to believe. The key to insurance is disclosure ...

May 6 2016

IFA Professional Indemnity Market

Professional Indemnity Insurance(PI) for IFA’s The PI market for IFA’s continues to be in a state of Flux. In the last 18 months we have ...

May 6 2016

Insurance for Robo Advice

Let’s start at the beginning. The purpose behind the insurance is to protect the consumer from an error in the delivery of the professional service.  ...

Oct 27 2015

Creating a bespoke Insurance policy

There are more than a dozen Insurers who can provide PI, D&O and Crime (IMI) insurance for Asset Managers, each with their own unique policy ...

Oct 27 2015

Are all policy restrictions contained in the Exclusions?

It’s understandable to assume that all restrictions/limitations to your policy coverage are outlined and defined by the policy exclusions.  However this is not the case.  ...

Oct 25 2015

How much Insurance should I buy?

For the professional classes of insurance (PI, D&O etc) we frequently get asked this question.  There is no perfect answer but for our clients we ...